Complete confidence with Incognito braces

There are plenty of options that are available for teeth straightening in modern dentistry. At Weybridge Orthodontics, we make sure that we offer as many of these as possible to our patients so that, whatever your priorities are, you can choose something that fits in with your lifestyle.

incognito-bracesIf your main concern is maintaining your standard of appearance while you have a teeth straightening treatment, then you might like to consider Incognito. Weybridge Orthodontics carries this special brand of braces that offers the most discreet solution possible.

How do they work?

Many brands claim to be almost invisible. However, if something goes over the front of your teeth then there will always be a possibility that someone will notice it. When you get Incognito in Weybridge, the braces are fitted to the backs of your teeth. No one will notice them because there is nothing on the front of your teeth to see.

In all other ways, Incognito work the same as any other method. This is by applying pressure to the teeth in order to get them to gently move over time.

Will they hurt?

All braces have the potential to cause discomfort. Shifting the teeth and bone of the mouth around in order to create a new order will create some sensations. These should be mild and easy to control with painkillers.

Incognito braces will not interfere with your speech or tongue, though can take some getting used to at first as you adapt to the new shape of your mouth.

Why do we offer Incognito in Weybridge?

We want you be able to choose the solution that is right for you. Many dentists do not work with lingual braces because they can be difficult to adjust once they are fitted. However, we have skills and experience in this area and are confident we can offer you a safe and effective treatment.

Book an initial consultation to discuss your options. We will be open with you about the benefits and challenges of all of our teeth straightening methods so that you can decide what works for you. After that, we will make a detailed plan with you and look forward to supporting you on your treatment journey.

Braces aren’t what they used to be

When we picture someone wearing braces, correct me if I’m wrong, but the most obvious image that comes to mind is an awkward teenager with ‘train track’ braces dominating their mouth, right? Well braces have evolved since those good old days, they now come in an invisible option! Yeah you read it correctly, invisible! these Incognito lingual braces are fixed onto the back teeth, ensuring they are practically invisible to others, or as some may say,Incognito! Weybridge Orthodontics offer Incognito braces to their patients, they’re perfect for adults as they’re totally hidden and will allow you to go about your day-to-day life, without anyone noticing you’re wearing a brace. Amazing! says lingual braces are popular with celebrities such as Mylie Cyrus, due to their invisibility.Incognito braces are also an amazing option for most people who would like to discreetly make over that smile

incognito-braces-in-weybridgeSecretly improve that smile with Weybridge Incognito braces

Incognito braces are customised to fit your teeth. At at the end of the treatment your teeth with be straight, without you having to suffer any embarrassment or lack of confidence, which is all down to the invisible nature of Incognito. Weybridge Orthodontics say that there is no need to remove the braces when eating, as they are fixed comfortably behind the teeth, so eating food and drinking liquid while the brace is attached, will not cause a problem. The braces are made bespoke to fit each patient and an examination is carried out before the Weybridge Incognito braces are designed. say that Incognito braces are suitable for both adults and children, they would be perfect for adults wanting to secretly get that perfect smile, or for children or teenagers that need teeth improvements without feeling self-conscious. Weybridge Incognito braces start from £3590.50 for adults and children, and the practice is currently offering £25 to patients who refer a friend. So what are you waiting for? Arrange a consultation with Weybridge Orthodontics today for just £35 to find out how Weybridge Incognito braces can boost your confidence, and give you an amazing smile that friends will be envious of.

What is Incognito?

Incognito braces are an advanced model of brace that is hidden discreetly along the back of the teeth, not on the front like conventional ‘train tacks’. Incognito allows people to go about their daily routine without feeling self-conscious thanks to their braces being practically invisible from the outside when they speak or smile.

incognito-bracesIncognito braces in Weybridge are suitable for all age groups – children, teens and adults who want to correct their tooth position but want something more subtle than conventional braces.The Incognito brace is custom made to each patient in order to maximise comfort and ensure the results are as accurate as possible, this is achieved by using the latest computer technology when creating the brace in the first instance. In the UK and Ireland alone there are over 700 dentists that are qualified to fit Incognito braces, and here at Weybridge Orthodontics, we are proud to be home to one of those dentists. Always check the credentials of the dentist you are going to use, for whatever treatment you decide to have.

The cost of having Incognito in Weybridge does vary depending upon individual needs, so we advise that you book an appointment to speak to our dentist, who will be able to assist you further following an initial examination of your teeth.

There are many reasons to choose Incognito braces including:

  • Customisation: Incognito braces are individually designed and produced for each patient
  • No embarrassment: Because they are placed on the back of the teeth they are virtually invisible to others
  • Time: See visible results in a short time
  • Comfort: Most patients experience minimal discomfort and speech interference, and after just a short adjustment period, you will be able to eat and speak normally
  • Reliable correction of all types of incorrect tooth positions and wonky teeth
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • No risk of damage to the front tooth surface

To see if you are eligible and would benefit from having Incognito in Weybridge, contact Weybridge Orthodontics as soon as possible and take the first step to improving your smile.

Misaligned teeth? Go Incognito!

As demand for cosmetic dentistry increases, advances in technology have risen to improve the ways in which dental patients can achieve the brightest, whitest, straightest and healthiest smile possible. Here at Surrey Braces in Weybridge, Incognito is one of our favourite ways to achieve a straighter, tidier smile.

misaligned-teethWhat is Incognito?

Incognito is the ultimate solution to remedy misaligned teeth. It is increasingly important to our patients to have discreet, convenient and comfortable options. Uncomfortable and high visible braces are now a thing of the past.

The Incognito™ Lingual Bracket System is a new invention to suit people from all backgrounds. The braces are placed behind the teeth. This means that nobody will ever know you are wearing braces, unless you choose to tell them. In Weybridge, Incognito braces are 100% customised to fit your mouth by our highly trained professionals. Incognito also boasts to be the only tooth straightening remedy currently on the market to be completely customisable.3D imaging is used to predict the final result with high accuracy.

Incognito braces are extremely comfortable to wear. There is no need to remove the braces as they are completely hidden and will therefore be constantly functioning to straighten your teeth.Smiling, eating and drinking can all be done as normal without any need or worry.

Why Surrey Braces?

We are a very experienced dental practice, having now treated over 21,000 patients. Our dentists are highly trained have undergone five years of study to obtain their dental degree, then three years of postgraduate training at the most prestigious dental schools in the UK.They are all are members of national and international professional dental organisations.

Our friendly nurses are all registered with the General Dental Council and thus meet the high standards and qualifications that are set by the GDC.

Patient satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We are delighted to receive many word of mouth referrals and stories from happy patients.So why not come and see for yourself by visiting our dental practice in Weybridge. Incognito is just one of many cosmetic procedures we offer and we would be happy to discuss your treatment options with you.

Weybridge’s incognito solution – Incognito!

Hidden in plain sight, Incognito is a brilliant system designed for those who want braces but are concerned about how they might appear or what might be seen as a “childish” dental treatment.

incognito-solutionThe number of adults taking orthodontic treatment in the UK is growing every year, however despite this, many people still feel that there is a stigma attached to wearing braces as an adult and for this reason many adults refuse to have treatments for fear of feeling too self-conscious or being judged by society’s ever more pressuring high standards for our cosmetic appearance. Luckily in Weybridge, Incognito is the perfect solution for those who feel self-conscious about braces. At Weybridge Orthodontics we are proud to deliver Incognito’s unique lingual braces to our patients.

What does the treatment look like

Incognito, Weybridge Orthodontics’ totally invisible braces solution is invisible because the brace is placed behind the teeth rather than on the teeth, meaning that only the wearer will know that the brace is there.

It takes the form of a lingual bracket which is custom-shaped to the shape of your teeth and mouth, meaning that it is comfortable, reliable, and won’t come pinging out when you try and speak or eat!

Many patients report that they can go through an entire course of treatment and even close friends who aren’t in the know will confess that they were totally unaware that the patient was having orthodontic treatment. What a wonderful way to give yourself the straight teeth you’ve always wanted.

Incognito in Weybridge, how does it work?

First of all you will see the dentist in an initial consultation, then after that you will be given a treatment plan which may involve regular trips to the orthodontist to tighten and rearrange then braces as necessary throughput the course of the treatment. You will be given all the information needed to look after your braces, this may involve things you should avoid eating if possible, as well as advice for cleaning your braces as it is important that you maintain them in order to get the best results possible. To find out more or book a consultation you can call us or pop in to have a chat with our friendly team.

Going Incognito, Weybridge Orthodontics’ secret weapon

What does it mean to go incognito? To be unseen, to be discreet, to not be recognised. At Weybridge Orthodontics we understand the need to be discreet sometimes when it comes to braces. Many people refused to have adult braces until we found the perfect solution for them. Lingual braces: the perfect solution to the problem of standing out in a crowd for all the wrong reasons.

incognito-bracesWhat are lingual braces?

Lingual braces are braces which are placed behind the teeth rather than in front of them and therefore offer a great cosmetic alternative to those seeking a straighter smile but want the process to be as discreet as possible. Lingual braces can take a range of shapes and formats as well as materials and sizes. Not all orthodontic practices can offer lingual braces because of the skills and technical expertise required in providing the treatment. However here at Weybridge Orthodontics we are proud to offer the revolutionary new Incognito lingual bracket system

Why Incognito? Weybridge Orthodontic’s answer to the problem of super discreet teeth straightening

At our practice in Weybridge, Incognito is a solution we love! Why? Incognito uses a lingual bracket system, which uses customised wires, bonding trays and brackets to create the perfect discreet solution for crooked teeth. The Incognito lingual braces system is a fixed appliance that is customised completely to the shape of your teeth, and over the course of your treatment it cleverly and discreetly shapes your teeth into the right shape to give you your perfect smile.

By the end of your treatment you will be able to smile with absolute confidence knowing that your teeth are straighter and your quality of life enhanced.

How do I find out more about Incognito in Weybridge?

To find out more about Incognito you can visit the Incognito section on our website, call us or send an email to our team. Our friendly staff can discuss all of the options with you and recommend a treatment based on your budget, problem and your personal preference. Don’t delay! Contact us today to find out how Incognito could change your life forever!

Incognito lingual braces: the secret way to straighten your teeth

Incognito lingual braces are one of the most discreet methods of teeth straightening available. At Surrey Braces dental clinic in Weybridge, they are a popular choice for adults who want to enjoy the benefits of perfectly aligned teeth, without the need to wear obvious metal braces.

lingual-bracesA different type of brace

Standard braces, both regular and cosmetic, are fixed to the front surfaces of your teeth. Incognito lingual braces, on the other hand, are attached to the rear (or lingual) surfaces of your teeth, meaning that they are invisible in everyday life. No-one is going to see them unless they are staring directly down into your mouth, and that’s most likely to be your Weybridge orthodontist, dentist, or hygienist. This means Incognito offers a very subtle route to straighter teeth.

Although they are made from metal, Incognito lingual braces don’t contain nickel. They are made from gold alloy, which means this opens up the possibility of treatment to people who suffer from a nickel allergy.

Unlike some of the cosmetic brace systems available at our Weybridge dental centre, Incognito can be used to correct a wide range of orthodontic concerns.

Weybridge Incognito braces

Every set of Incognito lingual braces is made to fit your teeth and orthodontic situation exactly, after a consultation at our Weybridge dental clinic. They are designed with comfort in mind, and whilst it may take a little longer to get used to an appliance attached to the rear surfaces of the teeth, the vast majority of patients at our Weybridge dental centre adapt to them very quickly.

In essence, they work just like standard braces, using brackets and wires to exert gentle pressure on your teeth in order to move them into a better position. Once treatment is complete, as well as enjoying a beautifully aligned smile, you will also find it easier to maintain good dental hygiene practices, with fewer gaps in which plaque can build up.

At the end of treatment you will need to wear a retainer; there are several discreet options at our Weybridge clinic. Either a bonded or removable retainer will ensure your teeth stay in their new position.

Enjoy secret smile enhancement thanks to Incognito braces

Incognito lingual braces are one of the most discreet orthodontic treatments available. They are one of the most popular treatments at Surrey Braces Weybridge dental clinic, being suitable for a wide range of orthodontic situations whilst also being invisible in everyday life.

incognito-bracesAt Surrey Braces in Weybridge we welcome adults for orthodontic consultations, whether they missed out on treatment as a child or had treatment but experienced adult relapse. Straightening your teeth is never just a vanity project, whatever method you choose. Improving tooth alignment makes it easier to practise efficient dental hygiene, which is beneficial to both dental and general health.

Having areas of your mouth that are difficult to clean at home increase your chances of both dental decay and gum disease, the two primary causes of tooth loss. As long as you visit your dentist and hygienist regularly, and brush and floss your teeth efficiently at home, using Incognito braces to straighten your teeth can help you to keep your natural teeth for life.

Weybridge Incognito treatment

When you come into our Weybridge clinic for an Incognito consultation, your orthodontist will perform a thorough clinical examination to assess your suitability for treatment. Incognito lingual braces are suitable for most clinical situations, and can be used for both mild and more extensive correction.

The key thing to remember about Incognito braces is that they are attached to the rear surfaces of your teeth, which means nobody will notice you are wearing them unless they happen to be staring directly down into your mouth.

Another huge benefit of Incognito treatment is that these braces are made from gold alloy. This means they are a popular option for patients with nickel allergies at our Weybridge dental clinic.

Treatment times will vary depending on the type and amount of correction required. When you come to our Weybridge dental centre for a consultation, your orthodontist will let you know how long your treatment is expected to take.

It sometimes takes a little longer to adjust to the feel of lingual braces, but most people adapt remarkably quickly. You should visit your hygienist to learn how to clean around your brace.

Incognito: the metal braces that nobody can see

Incognito are metal braces with a difference – nobody will see them in everyday life. They are one of the most popular options at Weybridge dental clinic Surrey Braces, and can be used to correct a wider range of orthodontic complaints than many cosmetic brace and aligner systems.

metal-bracesThe Emperor’s new clothes?

You may be wondering how Incognito braces can be invisible if they are made from metal. Their secret is very simple; instead of placing them on the front of your teeth, your Weybridge orthodontist will attach Incognito braces to the rear, or lingual, surfaces of your teeth. That means nobody will notice them unless they are looking directly down into your mouth. It’s perfectly possible that your treatment can be a secret between yourself, your dentist, hygienist, and orthodontist.

The benefits of straightening your teeth

At our Weybridge dental clinic, we will always stress that there are more than just aesthetic benefits to straightening your teeth, whether with Incognito or with an alternative appliance. Straighter teeth are healthier teeth because there are fewer hard-to-reach areas in which dental plaque can build up. So long as you are efficient in your hygiene practices, straightening your teeth can cut your risk of both dental decay and periodontal disease.

Improving the position of your bite can also help to improve your diet, and will help to prevent too much strain being put on certain teeth.

Weybridge Incognito braces

When you come into our Weybridge dental centre for an Incognito consultation, your orthodontist will first assess your suitability for treatment.

Incognito lingual braces are custom-designed to fit your teeth precisely. Your Weybridge orthodontist will use the latest computer software to design your braces, as well as to show you what results you can expect at the end of treatment.

You will need to make an appointment with your hygienist to learn how to clean around your braces effectively. It may take a few days to get fully used to your lingual braces – particularly if, for example, you play a brass or woodwind instrument, in which case you may need to modify your technique. However, most people settle in to Incognito very quickly.

Introducing Incognito – the metal braces nobody can see

Incognito lingual braces are an excellent option for people who want a subtler method of straightening their teeth and correcting issues with their bite. They are one of the most popular treatment options at Surrey Braces dental centre in Weybridge, and can be used in cases when more extensive correction that that provided by cosmetic brace systems is required.

metal-bracesAt our Weybridge dental clinic we are always keen to point out that the benefits of teeth straightening – no matter how mild a degree of correction is required – are more than just aesthetic. It is easier to keep teeth clean when they are properly aligned, because there are fewer hard-to-clean gaps where food particles can collect and dental plaque can build up. As long as you visit your dentist and hygienist on a regular basis, and practice good dental hygiene at home, straightening your teeth will reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

If you have issues with your bite you may struggle to eat some foods, or may experience excessive wear and tear on specific teeth. Protruding front teeth are more at risk of accidental damage, for example through trips and falls. At our Weybridge clinic we can use Incognito lingual braces to correct all of these issues, boosting your health as well as your smile.

Weybridge Incognito braces

If you are interested in treatment with Incognito lingual braces, we invite you to join us at Surrey Braces in Weybridge for a consultation. Your orthodontist will conduct a thorough clinical examination in order for your braces to be made.

Incognito braces are custom-made to fit your teeth precisely, whilst the latest 3D technology is used both in treatment planning and to predict results accurately.

The big difference between Incognito and regular braces is that this system is attached to the rear (or lingual) surfaces of your teeth. This means that nobody will notice them in everyday life, and people will only know that you are having treatment if you choose to tell them.

Treatment times will vary depending on the type and amount of correction required. Your Weybridge orthodontist will let you know your predicted treatment length.