Invisalign: just as the name suggests

Discretion is the main aim when it comes to this braces treatment in Weybridge. Invisalign is just as clever as the name suggests. These custom-made braces align your teeth while being almost invisible to the untrained eye. Now what more could you ask for in a treatment?

These braces are cunningly deceptive, creating a symmetrical smile for you without revealing themselves to anyone. So if you do opt for such a discreet treatment, just be prepared for the looks of surprise after you have finished sneakily perfecting your smile.

Invisalign in WeybridgeWhat to expect

At Weybridge Orthodontics in Weybridge, Invisalign braces are created especially for you. They are unique and ‘for your mouth only’. After an initial consultation to assess whether Invisalign braces are right for you, we will then take x-rays, 3D scans, and photographs to create a set of aligners tailored to your teeth to begin the aligning process. How the process works is by simply wearing your custom-made aligners as often as possible. At least 20–22 hours per day is recommended for optimum efficiency and a more expedited result.

These custom-made aligners snugly fit over your teeth to create a constant pressure, which over time moves your teeth into the desired positions. Using this treatment, you will need to wear a new set of aligners every 2 or so weeks in order to keep that constant pressure up.

The added benefits

The most obvious benefit of opting for Invisalign in Weybridge is the discreteness of it all. Unless someone is up close and personal to you, the chances are slim of them even seeing your see-through aligners. They are made out of a clear plastic so again, not only are they near invisible but there will be no cause for scratches or irritations, unlike when using fixed metal braces.

You can also see how each stage will progress, even before the treatment has started, due to the initial taking of the 3D scans, photographs and x-rays.  This will be put together into a simulation that you can watch. This should also be able to let you know when the treatment will likely be finished. So let Invisalign in weybridge discretely transform your smile today.

State of the art orthodontics in Weybridge

Weybridge Orthodontics now runs from our new purpose-built premises which are located near Weybridge town centre. The practice has been given a bright modern look to make it a comfortable environment and welcoming place for our patients of all ages. We have free wi-fi available in our waiting rooms, as well as lift access for patients who are unable to use the stairs. Our new practice has six dedicated orthodontic surgeries and the latest equipment and many local dentists regularly recommend us to their patients.

Orthodontics in WeybridgeWe are one of the largest orthodontic practices in South East England with a team of four orthodontists, three of whom are specialist orthodontists, and one is also a consultant orthodontist. Principle orthodontist  Dr James Stubbs has built up a highly skilled and well trained team of orthodontists, supported by orthodontic therapists, orthodontic nurses, treatment co-ordinators and skilled receptionists. All members of the team undertake regular training and work together to ensure that you receive the highest standards of treatment and service. James believes that every member of the team, including the receptionists have a good understanding of orthodontic procedures so they are able to give patients the correct information when they contact the practice.

We love creating smiles in Weybridge

Many of our patients are children, this is because many children need their teeth straightened; over 200 000 children and teenagers are fitted with braces in the UK each year. Your dentist may advise you to bring your child for an orthodontic evaluation when they still have most of their baby teeth. This allows us to schedule the start of their orthodontic treatment at the optimal time to achieve the best results, normally this will be between the ages of 9 and 14 when their adult teeth have started to come through.

In certain cases we may start with an earlier treatment, especially if your child is affecting the growth of their teeth by sucking their thumb or has a problem with their bite. Over the past 15 years we have treated more than 21,000 patients, and we are looking forward to treating many more in people in need of orthodontics in Weybridge in the coming years.

Have you ever thought of going Incognito in Weybridge?

Would you like to have straighter teeth? A simple question really, and one that many adults would probably answer ‘yes’ to. The question is, what is stopping you? For most people, it is the thought of having to wear unflattering and obtrusive braces on your teeth, and who could blame you? The good news is that now there is a way wear braces and to have straighter teeth without anyone other than you and your dentist knowing. Here at our practice in Weybridge, Incognito lingual braces are giving more adults a chance to have the smile of their dreams.

Incognito in WeybridgeAlthough the Incognito system works on exactly the same principle as traditional braces, there is one major difference: they are fitted onto the backs of your teeth and not the fronts. The result is that the braces are both virtually undetectable and suitable for correcting a much wider range of orthodontic problems than other types of invisible braces. Incognito lingual braces are made using the latest 3D imaging technology, which is used to produce a system of fully custom-designed brackets and wires which are fitted to the backs of your teeth.

Effective, targeted and reliable results

At the start of your treatment we use our 3D imaging technology which will allow you to see how your teeth will look at the end of your treatment. In addition to the 3D imaging we make a thorough and detailed examination of your teeth and mouth. This includes taking a series of precise measurements to make sure that your custom-made braces fit correctly and are comfortable to wear. As with any orthodontic treatment, you may find that you are conscious of your braces for a while until you become accustomed to them.

Here at our practice in Weybridge, Incognito braces are proving to be a popular choice for many patients who are looking for a way to be able to enjoy having straight teeth while carrying on living their everyday life throughout the treatment. Incognito braces are ideal for adults, but are suitable for anyone, especially if your appearance is an important part of your working life.

Where can you find Invisalign in Weybridge?

Are you 100% happy with the appearance of your teeth? If yes, then read no further. If the answer is no and you are looking for a discreet and effective way to straighten you teeth, the Invisalign system may be exactly what you are looking for. The Invisalign system uses a series of thin, clear, custom-made aligners that are designed to gently move your teeth into a new and straighter position. Here at our practice in Weybridge, Invisalign aligners are used for mild to moderate teeth straightening. These are cases where your teeth are not severely crowded and you do not need any teeth to be removed at the start of the treatment. One of the great things about this tooth straightening treatment is that you will have a clear idea of how your teeth will eventually look before your treatment even begins.

Invisalign in WeybridgeMore than 4 million people around the world, including Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey, have used the Invisalign system to achieve a straighter, healthier smile. It is popular with people in the public eye because the aligners are virtually invisible, which means that you can carry on your daily life with no intrusive comments about your braces. Each aligner is made to move your teeth over a two week period, and needs to be worn for a minimum of 20 hours each day for maximum effect. You should only remove the aligners when you are eating, or cleaning your teeth and the aligners.

Not just straighter, but healthier too

Apart from making your teeth look better aesthetically, having straighter teeth and an even bite helps to ensure that your teeth remain healthier for longer too. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean and an even bite will ensure that there is no excessive pressure on individual teeth, which can cause long-term damage to them.

For many people in Weybridge, Invisalign aligners offer an effective, affordable and safe solution to teeth straightening, which allows them to achieve the smile they have dreamed of without having to wear fixed metal braces. Why not find out about the well kept Invisalign secret, the one that 4 million people now share.

Weybridge Orthodontics, creating smiles in Weybridge

Here at our practice in Weybridge, orthodontics are our passion and we offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic treatments for patients of all ages. Perhaps you may be wondering why your dentist has referred you to an orthodontist, as many dentists now offer orthodontic treatments themselves. The reason for your referral may be that the orthodontic treatment that you need is more complex and needs additional experience to ensure that you achieve the best results from your treatment. Most of the orthodontists at our practice have specialist orthodontic qualifications, having undergone a minimum of three additional years of specialist training in orthodontics. We are proud to say that several of our specialist orthodontists also act as consultants at eminent UK dental hospitals.

Orthodontics in WeybridgeLeading the way with orthodontic therapists

We were one of the first orthodontic practices in the UK to train and employ a team of orthodontic therapists whose role it is to carry out some orthodontic procedures, such as cleaning and preparing the tooth surfaces ready for orthodontic treatment, taking impressions and the removal of fixed appliances and cement. Orthodontic therapists work under the supervision of a dentist who is usually an orthodontist.

Since opening this practice, we have treated many people who have needed orthodontics in Weybridge, and have created over 21,000 happy smiles so far. Although when you think about orthodontics, you may imagine that an orthodontist is only concerned with fitting braces and straightening teeth, but there is much more to orthodontics than meets the eye. An orthodontist is concerned with correcting the growth of teeth, jaw and face and this is why most major orthodontic work is carried out on children and teenagers while they are still growing.

Orthodontic treatments are now becoming more popular for adults and your treatment will differ in a number of ways from that of your children. Most of the orthodontic treatments for adults are generally for aesthetic purposes and often focus on just your front teeth. Although all orthodontic treatment to correct and realign your teeth will help with issues such as improved oral hygiene and more even wear on your teeth.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Do you want perfectly aligned teeth but would prefer to obtain them without broadcasting it to the world? At Weybridge Orthodontics, Incognito braces are an innovative product that will do just that. Discretion is the main aim for this modern alternative to the ‘in your face’ braces we are accustomed to seeing. Braces do not have to involve a mouth full of metal. You can now have the straight teeth you have always wanted without your work colleagues ever knowing you are undergoing teeth straightening treatment.

Incognito in WeybridgeLiving up to the name

Incognito braces are just that: incognito! It is a safe, comfortable, and discreet teeth straightening treatment that now available in the UK market. They are cleverly positioned on the backs of your teeth, so no-one will ever suspect that while you are chatting, smiling, eating, and carrying on with your day, your teeth are busy getting aligning. Incognito braces are uniquely crafted to the shape of each of your individual teeth. In Weybridge, Incognito braces are designed specifically to you to ensure your comfort during the treatment period and to provide reliable results. So if you want to have an effective, inconspicuous treatment that can improve both your smile and your confidence, it is worth exploring Incognito with one of our dentists at Weybridge Orthodontics.

How does it work?

When you decide to go with Incognito in Weybridge, we will use 3D imaging technology to obtain an accurate picture of how the final result will look. Our attention to detail means you will receive carefully planned treatment with custom-made braces, comprising archwires, brackets, and bonding trays. Incognito braces are fixed on the backs of your teeth for the duration of your treatment. This means you cannot remove them, which can take a little getting used to. However most patients adjust quite quickly to eating, drinking, and talking with their braces. After the treatment is completed, our dentist will carefully remove your braces so that you can start enjoying your new smile.  So if you have been longing for beautifully straight teeth but have been too embarrassed to wear traditional fixed metal braces, try Incognito braces at Weybridge Orthodontics. We are waiting to enhance your smile.

How we make can braces work for you

Many people are put off having life-changing braces through fear of the upkeep, or the change in appearance and lifestyle during treatment. It is true that with a traditional fixed brace you may have to be careful with what you eat so as to not damage the braces. You also have to return to the dentist multiple times in a year for adjustments. Moreover, the whole course of treatment can take several years to complete in some cases. Fortunately, due to advances in technology, we have teeth straightening treatments that are faster, more comfortable and easier to fit into your lifestyle, such as Invisalign. In Weybridge at Weybridge Orthodontics we can offer this modern and clinically proven treatment to you today.

Invisalign in WeybridgeWhat is Invisalign in Weybridge all about?

Invisalign is a treatment that uses a series of clear plastic aligners to move your teeth little by little into their straightened positions. As the name suggests, Invisalign treatment is virtually undetectable, which is what often appeals to adults, especially those working in areas where appearances matter.

Each transparent aligner is custom-made to fit snugly around your teeth using 3D computer technology. The aligners are changed every 2 weeks, moving you along through the series until your teeth are re-aligned. The total number of aligners you will need depends on the extent of the misalignment of your teeth.

Due to their removable design, your usual oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing will be easy to maintain, so you don’t have to worry about your dental health suffering during your treatment. You can also enjoy mealtimes as normal by removing your aligners when you eat. However aligners should be worn for 20–22 hours a day for the treatment to be effective and run on schedule.

The benefits of straighter teeth

Straighter teeth are easier to keep clean, reducing your chances of gum disease and tooth decay. This means you’ll be spending less time visiting the dentist and more time showing off your new smile and enjoying the confidence boost that comes with it.

So if you are unhappy with your crooked teeth, then get in touch with us to find out about Invisalign in Weybridge.

Straighten your teeth with Incognito in Weybridge

All of us want those perfectly aligned teeth, but very few people are born with them. In recent years, adult interest in teeth straightening has significantly grown, however, not many adults like the idea of wearing traditional braces. Despite the fact that modern braces have come a long way and are now more lightweight and discreet than ever, there is no way to hide them and this can be negative for adult lifestyles.

Incognito in WeybridgeAt Weybridge Orthodontics, we are excited to be able to offer our adult and teenager patients an alternative to traditional braces with hidden lingual braces. With Incognito in Weybridge you can have your teeth straightened without anyone knowing. Lingual braces can achieve the same results as traditional braces in a discreet and effective way.

How does Incognito work?

As their name suggests, lingual braces are fitted to the back surface of your teeth above your tongue. Unlike regular braces, Incognito braces – the brand of lingual braces we use at Weybridge Orthodontics – are customised to the shape of your teeth and to your individual dental needs. This ensures the brackets of the braces fit perfectly against your teeth.

Once your braces are fitted, you many experience mild sensitivity or discomfort, but it will go away as soon as your mouth adjusts to them a few days later. Just like metal braces, lingual braces gradually move your teeth into their right position by applying constant pressure to your tooth roots.

Am I eligible for Incognito braces?

After your initial consultation and evaluation, our dentists will determine if lingual braces are the best method for straightening your teeth. The best thing about Incognito braces is that they can fix most of the same problems regular braces can fix, therefore, they are ideal for many people who wish to straighten their teeth and restore their bite discreetly. Incognito braces are also suitable for younger patients as well.

If you are interested in Incognito in Weybridge, we would be happy to discuss the treatment with you and answer any questions you many have. To get your treatment journey started, book a consultation with one of our friendly dentists and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Invisalign in Weybridge: straighten your teeth without metal braces

If you never had the chance to straighten your teeth as a teenager, teeth straightening can offer many advantages to your smile. However, not that many adults are happy about wearing metal brackets and wires due to cosmetic and other practical concerns. Well, we’ve got news for you. You can now straighten your teeth invisibly by taking advantage of adult teeth straightening options, specifically created for self-conscious adults.

Invisalign in WeybridgeAt Weybridge Orthodontics, we use Invisalign to help you straighten your teeth without compromising on the rest of your appearance and lifestyle. Invisalign in Weybridge offers a safe, effective and invisible alternative to metal braces.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign is an innovative approach to teeth straightening. Your Weybridge dentist will provide you with a series of custom-made, transparent, plastic aligners to help move your teeth into their right position over a specific period of time. Invisalign aligners are custom-made to fit snugly over your teeth and unlike metal braces they do not cause any irritation or sensitivity on your gums.

Wearing the aligners for at least two weeks before moving to the next set in the series, will gradually and gently shift your teeth into place, based on the exact movements your dentist has planned for you. Treatment with Invisalign can last anywhere between 12 to 18 months, although each patient case is unique.

Advantages of Invisalign

Invisalign advantages are clear, making Invisalign ideal while you go on with your life. Invisalign aligners are also removable. This means that – unlike braces – they can be taken out to eat and drink whatever you want without having to worry about hard, chewy and sticky foods. You can also remove the aligners to brush and floss your teeth as you normally would. However, you must remember to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours per day for effective treatment. Invisalign aligners are very comfortable and do not cause any irritation to your mouth the way traditional braces potentially would.

And no matter how old you are and what stage you’re at in life, you will greatly appreciate the minimal interference of Invisalign in your life.

Contact us today to discuss whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign in Weybridge.

Weybridge Orthodontics at a 3M Training Day

Weybridge Orthodontics Business Development Manager Attia Ellahi, and Anielle Pointu our Treatment Coordinator attended a 3M Training Day with speaker Lina Craven from Dynamic Perceptions on the 19th May at the 3M Head office in Bracknell.

3M Group

Lina’s training was focused on how to improve the patient experience here at Weybridge Orthodontics by offering the best services we can to our patients.

Lina has spent some time with our Weybridge Orthodontics team in house and it is always a pleasure to attend her training sessions. Lina is the Founder of Dynamic Perceptions Limited. She is a keen industry observer combined with over 30 years of experience working with specialist practices. Her aim is to provide the necessary tools and insight to help us and our team create something truly outstanding at Weybridge Orthodontics.

Attia and Anielle had an enjoyable and inspiring day training with Lina. They also mentioned the bonus of delicious catering from 3M throughout the day! The training site was in the amazing 3M museum, what a fabulous place to meet.

3M museum

3M are a long running partner of Weybridge Orthodontics and we have close working relationship with the company.

Weybridge Orthodontics offer a number of 3M products and treatment systems at the practice, namely, Gemini, Clarity and Incognito.

3M statement

Thank you to both 3M and Lina for an excellent day