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Orthodontic Options


Replacement Retainers

The wearing of retainers is just as important as the active or "braces" part of care in determining the long-term success of your treatment. Once the teeth have been moved into their desired positions, time is required to permit stabilisation of the teeth in surrounding soft tissues and bone. Retainers are ideally for Life.

What to do if your retainer doesn't fit any more or is lost

Please call us if you have lost or broken your retainer so that replacements may be fabricated immediately. Retainers are custom-made in an outside laboratory for each individual and new impressions are required for removable retainers. With time, retainers may wear out, especially for patients who may grind their teeth; replacement of these retainers is recommended. Retainers are an inexpensive method to protect your investment in your orthodontic care. Take immediate action, as the quicker you get to an orthodontist the better.

"Permanent" or Bonded Retainers

Occasionally, we bond or attach a thin wire behind some front teeth as a "permanent" fixed retainer. These require special cleaning as they collect food and plaque. They can be broken and you might not notice it until the teeth have already shifted. Therefore, it is important to wear a typical retainer over this bonded retainer as an "insurance" against moving teeth.

Period of Retention

We ask that all orthodontic patients wear their retainers full-time, 24 hours a day, (except when eating or brushing your teeth) for the first 3-6 months after braces are removed. During this "active retention" we ask to see patients with regularly scheduled appointments.

After the first year, we no longer send reminders to visit us, however, we do recommend that patients return for yearly evaluations. There will be a nominal fee for these evaluation visits. Please feel free to call Weybridge Orthodontics to schedule those appointments yourself. Patients with "wisdom teeth" should continue to have their family dentist follow their development and evaluate them for removal.

Changes in Your Teeth

Orthodontists are aware that there may be some changes in tooth position if retainers are not worn as directed or as retainer wear is diminished over time. The positions and fit of teeth change throughout our lives as a normal process of aging. Our goal in retention is to limit these changes and maintain a good functional and aesthetic result by long-term wearing of retainers.

The sooner things are sorted, the less time and money, probably, will need to be spent to get things back to the way they should be.

Orthodontic Options

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